About Me:

I'm a guy who loves to dig into code and immerse myself into it and build something out of nothing, or contribute toward a common goal. I've primarily learned most of what I know on my own and out of just a passion for this industry. I know that I will never be able to learn it all and I think that is part of what excites me the most. That there is always something new to learn, or find a better way to do something!

Technological Competencies

Here are just a few of the technologies and programming langauges I've worked with, in no particular order:

Acaademic History

Codeup Data Science - Coding Bootcamp

Completed: December 6, 2021

Fully-immersive, project-based 22-week career accelerator that provides students with 670+ hours of expert instruction in applied data science. Students develop expertise across the full data science pipeline (planning, acquisition, preparation, exploration, modeling, delivery), and become comfortable working with real, messy data to deliver actionable insights to diverse stakeholders.

University of Arizona - Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Completed: April 1, 2015

Studied business systems development, information assurance and security, project planning and implementation, database concepts, principles of supervision, leadership and motivation, criminal justice, human formal and informal logic, industrial and organizational psychology, abnormal psychology, statistics for the behavioral and social sciences, and theories of personalities.